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Natural Non-Scents Body Wash & Shampoo

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When regular soaps get you itchy and sneezy, nothing but NON-scents will do!  Hospital recommended Natural Non-Scents Body Wash & Shampoo is naturally unscented, so it’s perfect for sensitive wee ones, big kids, and pregnant people too.  Made with soothing organic Calendula, Earth Mama’s safe, gentle and effective castile based body was baby shampoo is naturally detergent-free, and perfect for a newborn’s first bath, foamy baby bath time, hand washing, and head-to-toe family clean.


Mild enough for delicate baby skin and hair, safe and effective for EVERY body!  Made without synthetic fragrances, phthalates, parabens, or harsh sulfates.


- NSF/ANSI 305 Certified by Oregon Tilth

- Toxin free, rated 1 for toxins on EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

- So safe, hospitals use it for NICU babies!

- Economical too, each 5.3 oz. bottle contains over 300 pumps!

- All of Earth Mama’s castile-based Body Washes can be used to make DIY homemade baby wipes!


Mama wants you to know!  Natural castile soap is NOT a “no-tear” formula, please use with the self-foaming bottle so the wash stays just where you want it, and use extra care around your angel baby’s eyes.


Is it safe for baby’s first bath?

Yes!  And for pregnancy, toddlers, and the whole family too.


What’s In It:


Contains Organic Potassium cocoate, contains Organic Potassium olivate, Aloe barbadensis (organic aloe) leaf juice, Kosher Vegetable glycerin, Butyrospermun parkii (organic shea) butter, Potassium citrate, Calendula officinalis (organic calendula) flower extract

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